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About Lexi

We have created Lexi to assist, with a comprehensive long-term view, small and medium enterprises in their strategic definition and make use of advanced engineering solutions to automate and digitize processes and facilitate business growth in a sustainable way.

The use of advanced technologies such as robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence is already paying off to our clients. Some of these techniques are mainly available to large corporations and we want to bridge the gap and facilitate them to SMEs. And we accompany your firm during the whole process, from design till effective implementation and beyond.

Due to our investment banking expertise, we may also accelerate growth, internationalisation, corporate structure and search for strategic and financial partners.

Please, find below our management team:

Emiliano Salcines Zugasti, PhD
Chairman & Managing Partner

Emiliano is willing to assist Board and C´suite executives in strategy and operating models’ definition for business growth, and subsequently, in the deployment of the adequate corporate structure, operational and technological transformation, within the adequate risk framework and regulatory requirements, including ESG & Climate Change adequacy and transition. 

Guillermo Solano
Chief Technology Director

Guillermo is a technical project manager, with commercial skills and engineering experience. He has been involved in several business transformation IT projects, for a wide variety of national and international customers, and becoming familiar with a heterogeneous set of solutions. This experience allows him to understand the needs and opportunities, and to focus on business and technology solutions to bring real value to customers. 

Carlos J. Carril
Strategic Director

Carlos has managed several branches in finance and telecommunications, and he has been involved in technological transformation projects.
Carlos project management expertise can provide an exhaustive follow-up with the client guaranteeing the success of its implementation and maintenance.  


Our Values

We are a company in constant growth, led by our values and our development philosophy: people and their knowledge. We seek extraordinary results by working with extraordinary people. We know that the world is driven by good teams and that is why we surround ourselves with them. 

We are living in an unprecedented time, a time of constant change and where the best is yet to come.


We face the technological and business challenges that reduce efficiency and costs in the company

We support your growth

We are committed to your success

Our network of excellence… 

  • Experience in operating models and implementations
  • Virtual SME network in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia; several Projects accomplished under this approach
  • Specialised in banking and industry process improvement
  • Experience in advanced strategic technology (Artificial Intelligence, robotics and Machine Learning) and digital transformation


Lexi is a boutique specialised in senior advise for implementing business transformation via digitisation, with the right risk and regulatory framework for strategic business growth 

Most demanded services

(just some examples...)
Industrial Services
(Engineering & ERPs)
Technological and/or
business optimisation
Climate Risk & ESG
Growth & Internalisation
Corporate Structure
Strategic & Financial 

Adaptive Solutions 

We understand your business and channel metamorphosis
Data life cycle

Imagine a world where you can track every piece of data in your company and also show you how and where a change impacts or modifies other data in real time

Artificial Intelligence 

Natural language understanding, automated document classification, cross-referencing, real-time data analysis and AI "magic" to achieve amazing results


Real-time dashboards adapted to each business, allowing you to know the status of your business in real time
Anticipate decision making
/ Multidevice / Customised to your business

Industrial Optimization

Engineering, Architecture and Expert Consulting in the Industrial Sector 
We offer a 360º consultancy approach that brings an integral vision of your business

7D BIM is all about operations and facility management by building managers and owners. We capture the environment faster, with pinpoint accuracy, and build the models that give architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals the tools to plan, design, build and manage real estate and infrastructure more efficiently and collaboratively


Artificial Intelligence

We train tireless machines to transform data into knowledge and relentlessly produce value

  • The possibilities are endless
  • Real-time high performance solutions 
  • Automates document management and associated processes (customs, invoices, legal validations, contracts, covenants' management...)


Climate Risk

Climate change is a fact. Having said that, individual and collective efforts and behaviors in the transition towards a net zero carbon emissions economy by 2050 as agreed by plenty of developed countries, is in our hands.

Lexi advises industries and financial institutions in their endeavor to understand, measure and mitigate the physical risks associated to climate change and the transition risk (according to SSP scenarios) and effort required for compliance with the net zero emissions commitment.

Governments and regulators are in the process of defining how their individual GDP is going to facilitate the transition towards net zero. They consider using regulation and (carbon) taxes to achieve their goals, as can be seen in the amounts to be deployed in the EU Next Generation budgets, favoring green initiatives. There are different regulatory approaches about "how to get there" from public and private origin, such as NGFS, EU Taxonomy…and TCFD which is industry and voluntary driven.

For example, SFDR (Level 1) is already here since 10th March, 2021, for Asset Managers, while Level 2 is due to be specified and applicable on 1st January, 2022.

Our experience in this field allows us to have a clear idea of global best practices among banks, asset managers and insurance firms, how they are approaching the impact of physical and transition risks in their portfolios, strategy and risk management practices. The reality is that Climate Change, and the Climate Risk associated to it, are leading financial institutions to adapt their methodologies and processes for the calculation of clients´ credit risk. Liability and litigation risk must also be taken into consideration. As a result, climate risk is affecting, or will soon affect, products, ratings, tenors, amounts, yields and covenants, and as such, sectoral risk appetite and capital allocation. Additionally, new disclosures (NFDR, TCFD, SFDR…) and reporting requirements (SASB, PRI...) are impacting firms.

We may advise on awareness, training of teams, regulatory framework understanding for climate risk and ESG, and help fine-tune algorithms and models for risk calculation.

It is logical that your firm may also require data on geolocation of assets, carbon emissions measurement, multi-factor climate scenarios, temperature rise, climate VaR, external ESG ratings, portfolio analysis and valuations, screening, indices, ESG news and research…, and we may advise you on vendors´ offering to match your firm´s needs.

Our international experts will be delighted to talk to you. 

Please contact us - MADRID/MÁLAGA


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